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Eating Disorders

Does food rule your life?

Do you find you are constantly preoccupied with food; what & when you will eat & how this effects your weight? Maybe you have been skipping meals or eating too much. You might find food stops you from doing the things you really enjoy, effects how you feel about yourself or is causing problems in your relationships with others. You might be a parent of partner worried about a loved one but don’t know how to help.

We have been working in specialist eating disorder services in the NHS as well as privately for over 20 years, providing psychological therapy, nutrition education, support & encouragement. We know that with the right help you can overcome your eating problems & in the long run lead a happier & more fulfiled life.

However, we know that coming for help can feel difficult & we understand that you might feel in two minds about it. Making changes can feel really frightening & we know that on some days you might feel that it is not really that bad while on others you feel very worried & upset. It might be that others are more worried than you are or even that your doctor has advised you to seek help.

The first step is calling to arrange an initial consultation. A 90 minute appointment will be made for you with Rachel Beckford, Consultant Clinical Psychologist to discuss all your concerns. She will listen & also help you find a way to make sense of what has happened to you & why you are feeling stuck. As part of the assessment she will help you to identify what you feel you might be able to change & the best sort of help to support you in doing this. She will answer any questions & is happy to include any family members or a partner as part of the discussion, if this is helpful to you. Rachel will also provide you with some self help materials & information to take away. Following this assessment she will make recommendations for follow-up treatment & if necessary liaise with other services &/or your GP.

Rachel works very closely with Jenny Williams who is an experienced dietitian specialising in eating disorders & Rifa Ahmad, a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist specialising in eating disorders. They can offer you a one off consultation or a series of appointments & will work in partnership with you to decide on the changes you feel able to make. This will be at your own pace & personally tailored to your own individual needs.

Whether you are coming for help for the first time or have tried to make changes before, we are happy to talk with you about what might be the best approach for you to achieve your goals. All our work is in line with current thinking, up to date evidence & best practice guidelines as documented by The National Institute for Clinical Excellence on Eating Disorders.

Our Eating Disorder Team are Rachel Beckford | Jenny Williams | Rifa Ahmad