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Occupational Health Psychology Services

The Rooms provides training and consultancy services to companies and organisations wishing to improve mental well-being within the workplace. Evidence shows that a workforce with good mental health will inevitably perform far more effectively than one which is suffering.

  • At least 15 million working days were lost in UK in 2013 due to stress, anxiety or depression.
  • People who struggle to continue to work while they suffer any mental health problems are inevitably not doing their job to the best of their ability. They are more likely to make mistakes, feel unable to make decisions, make poor decisions, have inter-personal conflict with their clients or colleagues, and create more problems for their managers.

Training and Prevention of common mental health problems

Evidence shows that a range of stress management interventions amongst employees who are not struggling with mental health problems is beneficial and practical in helping to prevent the onset of psychological problems and promote emotional well-being.

We offer custom-made packages in order to provide companies with this type of training. We are able to address any specific areas of need within your organisation. Training can be provided to all staff in order to improve their understanding of emotional well-being and strategies to achieve and maintain it.

The workshops can include areas such as:

  • Stress management

  • Promoting healthy sleep

  • Problem solving

  • Managing conflict within relationships

The workshops are based on a cognitive behavioural approach to dealing with these issues, and can include a brief introduction to mindfulness.

Identification of Common Mental Health Problems

We provide training courses for managers to improve their ability to identify employees who are struggling with some of the common causes of poor mental health, such as stress, anxiety and depression. Line managers can be in a strong position to help with the identification of such difficulties at an early point and support their staff in dealing with them or in directing them to professional help.

  • Providing an understanding of the common mental health difficulties including the signs and symptoms of the problem.

  • Increasing awareness of the impact of these mental health problems on the occupational functioning of the sufferer.

  • Helping the manager to understand some simple strategies that they can employ which will help.

  • When and how to signpost the member of staff toward professional treatment.


Early treatment intervention for people suffering problems such as stress, anxiety or depression can dramatically reduce the impact it can make on both the individual and their employer. NHS waiting lists can be extremely lengthy resulting in the individual’s mental health deteriorating during this time.

We provide treatment for a number of companies wanting immediate and the most effective treatment for their employees.

  • At The Rooms we have immediate access to psychological treatment. 90% of our clients start therapy within a week of the initial call or email notifying us that help is needed.

  • All initial calls are screened by a therapist who then recommends the most appropriate type of treatment required and provides an initial appointment time.

  • We provide the highest quality psychological therapy from highly trained and experienced psychologists and therapists.

  • We have expertise in working with every type of psychological problem.

  • We provide all of the different types of evidence-based therapies.

  • We hold clinics outside of work hours, including evenings, Saturdays and Sundays.

  • We are providers for all of the major health insurance companies.

Rehabilitation after episode of sickness leave

It is often the case that people who have been on sickness leave struggle to return to work, whether they have been off for physical or mental health problems. Just a few sessions with one of our cognitive behavioural therapists can help re-orientate them back to the work environment, making the process easier and more certain for both the organisation and the member of staff.

Medico-legal Work

For solicitors and medico-legal agencies

Many of our Clinical Psychologists provide reports for medico-legal clients with Personal Injuries.

Assessment is provided within 3 weeks of receiving instruction and the report is provided within 2 week of assessment.

Many of our team are highly experienced in dealing with sufferers of trauma. All are able to provide Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and some are also able to offer EMDR. They include Clinical Psychologists, Counselling Psychologists and CBTs.

We do our utmost to offer clients an initial session within 1 week of receiving instruction. Treatment sessions can be during weekends or evenings if this is more convenient. If you would like any further information or would like to receive any of the team's CVs then please contact Elaine Mayall on therooms1@aol.com or 07918 072771.